St. John's Glendale School

The school's principal wanted to upgrade their old Joomla website to the latest version of Joomla at the time and update the look and feel to be more current. Another request was for the ability for the teachers to be able to easily login and post homework updates for parents. The principal also wanted the staff to have a unified email system with document sharing.

I worked on this by myself handling both front end and backend. First, started with upgrading the old version of Joomla to the latest one in a test environment. This required creating a new MySQL database on the web server and porting over the data from the old database to the new one. Once Joomla itself was upgraded and all data inconsistencies were resolved, I started working on the front-end by implementing a new template with several customizations that the client requested for. Several Joomla plugins were utilized to provide the audience with features such as an event calendar (synced with google calendar) and location directions using google maps. After the site update was finished it was ported over into production. I provided training to all staff members that required access to the site for content updates restricted to their designated pages.

I also created a google apps for education account for the client and setup email accounts for all the staff members for easier communication. I also provided training to the staff in utilizing Gmail, google docs, and google calendar.

I continued to support the site after its initial upgrade until the client was comfortable enough to maintain it on their own.

NOTE: The new school logo for the site was designed by a designer that I consulted with.

Skills Used:

  • Joomla
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL
  • Google Apps


Based in New York.

mkhan0104 at